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ArtVisions represents CZA for licensing art to publishers and producers of decor, calendars, puzzles, giftware, textiles and prints.
ArtVisions fineart licensing provides art licensing services to licensees, including publishers and gallery sales.

        From the 24th of August to the 14th of September 2003
Square Bean,
Hanover Square, Horseheads
Square Bean,
Hanover Square, Horseheads


1st Prize
Ibiza International Art Competition 2 0 0 3



        fchdr a few illutrations

        a few drawings fchdr

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The CZA is only formed when sun is less than 32.3° high.
At greater altitudes the sun's rays enter the crystals but are then internally reflected by the side faces rather than escaping through them to form the CZA.
When the sun is near that upper limit the arc is faint and diffuse.
As the sun sinks the halo brightens, extends into an arc of increasing radius and becomes narrower.
It is at its best when the sun is about 22° high.

School of Fine Arts and Communication from Metz

My main shows :

  • Thionville

  • Villerupt

  • Perigueux

  • Paris

  • Fontainebleau

  • Montpellier

  • Remich


    This site contains scanned pictures of my works.
    The colors of the paintings are sometimes imperfectly reproduced and the frames are not shown.

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